University Potsdam

Scientific background and mentors

My scientific background is based on study of German culture and language at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń 2002-2007 and history study at University of Potsdam 2007-2013. I recommend you to go there because of many possibilities to develop your skills and interests. I took part on many excursions to different historical regions of East Central Europe and learnt to make researches on the history and culture of the region.It all was possible only thanks to help of my mentors, Prof. Jürgen Angelow (University Potsdam), Prof. Maria Gierlak (Nikolaus-Kopernikus-University), Prof. Helmut Peitsch (University Potsdam), Prof. Włodzimierz Zientara (Nikolaus-Kopernikus-University) and Dr. Iwona Kotelnicka (Nikolaus-Kopernikus-University).

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