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Memory places of Kraków

I helped to conduct the seminar about history of and memory places in Kraków (13-19 May 2013) of Prof. Jürgen Angelow and (this time) Prof. Zdzisław Noga. The participants were students of the Freie Universität Berlin und Pedagogical University in Krakow. The topics of speeches were related as always to historical places (monuments, public places, churches etc.).

The development of the seminar’s concept and the seminar organistation were very important to me since my Ph.D is dedicated L’viv’s remembrance from 1867 till 1939.

Beside that I gave a speech on the every day life in Nowa Huta, relations between inhabitants of Nowa Huta and Kraków and the museum concept of Nowa Huta (ecomuseum), which was also an interesting experience.

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