The year 1914 and L’viv and Galicia

Because of the 100th anniversary of the begin of World War I there were more publications about this turning point in the history. I wrote an article about the meaning of the year 1914 for L’viv and Galicia. I also wrote about the meaning of Galicia for the states Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Russian Imperium at that time. I’ve analysed the press and the memoires.

The title of my article in German: DAS GALIZISCHE „PULVERFASS“ UND DER BEGINN DES ERSTEN WELTKRIEGS. Eine Krisenregion zwischen Österreich-Ungarn und Russland.

The title of my article in English: THE GALICIA’S „POWDER KEG“ AND THE START OF WORLD WAR I. War zone between Austria-Hungary and Russia.

It appeared in the anthology of Jürgen Angelow and Johannes Großmann „Wandel, Umbruch, Absturz.
Perspektiven auf das Jahr 1914” (2014, Steiner Verlag).

Photo: 1914-1915, L’viv, Russian and Austrian medical service, first-aid workers. Autor: not known, collection: Ośrodek KARTA/KARTA Center.


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