German-Belorussian-Lithuanian relationships

Looking for ideas of scientific excursions? I recommend you to go to Lithuania. I took part on the excursion for German, Lithuanian and Belorussian students „Lithuania During a Period of The Two World Wars“ (05.10.2014 – 17.05.2014, Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania), organised in cooperation with the Vilnius University and European Humanities University.

Here you can  get to know our seminar’s programme, so you can organise it for you and your group.
Day 1. Ariival to Vilnius. Free day in Vilnius. Introduction to the city.

Day 2. Older History of Lithuania and it’s importance for Lithuanian national Identity: Grand Duke Gediminas monument and a monument of Polish – Lithuanian poet Adam Mickiewicz.

Day 3. Polishness and Lithuanianness in the beginning of the XX century: Rasos cementary and memorial house of composer and painter Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis.

Day 4. Excursion to Kaunas – Kaunas during the Interwar period – a temporary capital of Lithuania, XIX Fort of Kaunas, interwar architecture and monuments in the relation to Lithuanian national identity.

Day 5. Jewish Vilnius and the Holocaust: Center of Tolerance, former Jewish ghettos, Museum of Holocaust. Discussion with some people who were born in ghetto and managed to survive.

Day 6. Memorable places in the surroundings of Vilnius: Paneriai memorial place and the old Capital – Trakai.

Day 7. Occupation regimes repressions and resistance: Lithuanian occupations during and after the Second World War – Museum of Genocide Victims.

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