Journey to former Polish East South borderland

If you are looking for new place to discover, I recommend you to make a journey to former Polish East South borderland. The region has a lot to offer. You need to make the journey in few days, at least 5. The route and topics which you could reflect on you can see on the link here.

I. L’viv and Galicia – topic: relationships between nations, structures of power and stabilisation of power, culture and literature of borderland (part 1)

1. L’viv – politics of nations in relation to the city space on example of monuments, commemoration of the past, e.g. nostalgia and the Habsburg monarchy, nationalisation, Holocaust versus Holodomor

2. Żółkwia / Zowkwa – Jews and their place, „a private city” one of the biggest synagogs, conflict between aristocracy, nobility and peasants

3. Zadwórze / Zadwirja – battle against the Soviet army of Budionny on August, 17 (1920)

4. Olesko – castle of Johann III. Sobieski

5. Brody – Jewish culture and literature

II. Luzk and Wolhynia – commemoration of national conflicts

6. Luzk – former Polish regional center (Woiwode), counterpart of L’viv in the north?

7. Battlefields in Wolhynien

8. Poryck/Pawliwka – a Polish-Ukrainian monument of the massacre in 1943

9. Sokal – question of the artificial border (Kordon sokalski)

III. Galicia or East Central Poland and its blossoming

10. Drohobycz – Bruno Schulz and the three cities of Galicia

11. Boryslaw – industry and the three cities of Galicia

12. Truskavets – recreation area and the three cities of Galicia

13. Stryj – Jewish past and the monument of Stefan Bandera

14. Stanisławów / Iwano-Frankiwsk – former Polish regional center (Woiwode), counterpart of L’viv in the south?

IV. Bukowina and its memory of different occupying forces

15. Czerniowce / Czernowitz and its Austrian, Romanian and Sowjet past

16. Kamieniec Podolski / Kamjanez-Podilskyj – fortress from the 16th century

V. Galicia – culture and literature of the borderland (part 2)

17. Tschortkiw – Karl Emil Franzos

18. Tarnopol and its military and administrative meaning

19. Bereschany, Zolochiv / Złoczów as former Jewish cities

A recommended place to stay is by Iwano-Frankiwsk, in Bołszowce. It is a monastery, a center for the Polish-Ukrainian reconciliation.

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