Journey to former Polish East South borderland

If you are looking for new place to discover, I recommend you to make a journey to former Polish East South borderland. The region has a lot to offer. You need to make the journey in few days, at least 5. The route and topics which you could reflect on you can see on the link here. Continue reading „Journey to former Polish East South borderland”

Galicia and the petroleum industry

Galician poverty is a slogan from the 19th century. But not many people know that Galicia was a prosperous industry region at that time. To get to know more about it you should read the book „Three-city in the borderland.  Truskawiec – Drohobycz – Borysław” („Kresowe trójmiasto. Truskawiec – Drohobycz – Borysław”) of Sanisław S. Nicieja. It is a popular science book which shows not very known facts about the region.

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