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Do media need archives? What has storytelling to do with archive materials? Stories holded on archive sources. Archive sources could be included into media narratives on a attractive way, e.g. using storytelling. There are at least two reasons for it. The stories become „second life” and media don’t have to construct content which can be useful and interesting for its audience. They can use ready sources.

These questions were the issuu of the conference and workshop „Learn – Do – Share”, on June, 24, 2015, in Warsaw. Read some insights of it.
Top of the top was the presentation of initiator of this event: Lance Weiler –

Lance has shown us this storytelling & Internet project „Sherlock Holms” and named these

Some presenters talked about theoretical and practical concepts related to media:

– perceptive media – audience can influence the content, e.g. „Perceptive media Breaking Out”, see here: The aim is to accept different versions, different narratives in the same „space”.

– transmedia storytelling means to integrate different media at one place, e.g. presentation, project. An example is a presentation which contains of audio and video podcast instead of text and photo.

Last but not least some networking projects: – alternative space for applications – a social platform for short docu-films

Social und media start-ups: – application „Virtual Warsaw” for people with disabilities and cultural institutions

– Peeky: 1. Moments (postcrossing), 2. Living for the news, 3. Local info (geoquestions) (SaaS business model), 4. Click: click with your local businesses.

– – Polish communicator – similar to Yik Yak application

The program and abstracts of the talks you will find here:

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