Muzea w formule SMART

Szkolenia zawsze są jakimś doświadczeniem, nawet jeśli złym. W marcu miałam możliwość uczestniczenia po raz pierwszy w szkoleniu/seminarium Centrum Promocji Informatyki. Do tej pory słyszałam dobre opinie o tej instytucji, dlatego zdecydowałam się na udział. Ponadto tytuł brzmiał bardzo obiecująco: XIV seminarium w ramach cyklu Nowoczesne muzea i galerie pt. Muzea w formule SMART. GLAM, media interaktywne, rozszerzona rzeczywistość. Continue reading „Muzea w formule SMART”

Media, archives, storytelling

Do media need archives? What has storytelling to do with archive materials? Stories holded on archive sources. Archive sources could be included into media narratives on a attractive way, e.g. using storytelling. There are at least two reasons for it. The stories become „second life” and media don’t have to construct content which can be useful and interesting for its audience. They can use ready sources. Continue reading „Media, archives, storytelling”

Civil society and civic life in Poland

To support relationships between nations the knowledge of journalists should be supported. Get to know this great initiative! Before the European Football Championship 2012 more than 20 journalists of different German media went to Warsaw, Kiew and Charkow to get to know more about the civic life in the countries and preparation to the Championship. Continue reading „Civil society and civic life in Poland”

Memory places of the regions

Comparisions of regionals researches and finding a broader geographical context can be also very inspiring. So the conference „Regional memory places: Western Bohemia and Middle Germany – a comparision” (Regionale Erinnerungsorte: Westböhmen und Mitteldeutschland im europäischen Kontext) in November 2011 was for me a great possibility to see the bigger picture. Continue reading „Memory places of the regions”

German-Russian cooperation

German-Russian cooperation is supported on different ways. One of the initiative is the Petersburger Dialog. It was initiated by the German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Russian president Wladimir Putin 2001 and it works till now. Since 2014 it is more and more criticized because of its political dependence. Continue reading „German-Russian cooperation”