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Digital humanities, Websites and studies – part I

Interested in digital humanities, Websites and studies related to humanism & Internet? Read these short informations here. I collected them day by day this year and presented first on the facebook fanpage Digital Humanists. I will once a month or for two months present them all together here. Continue reading „Digital humanities, Websites and studies – part I”

Media, archives, storytelling

Do media need archives? What has storytelling to do with archive materials? Stories holded on archive sources. Archive sources could be included into media narratives on a attractive way, e.g. using storytelling. There are at least two reasons for it. The stories become „second life” and media don’t have to construct content which can be useful and interesting for its audience. They can use ready sources. Continue reading „Media, archives, storytelling”

Space to grow

Why growth is so important? Lack of growth leads to stagnation. Obsession of innovation is the other extreme. On June, 11 (2015) I participated on lectures dedicated to growth and space to growth within an independent Ted event. The event had a title „Space to grow”. I especially enjoyed the lectures of Magdalena Kozłowska-Deć, Hoang Minh Ngo and Dawid Sokołowski. Continue reading „Space to grow”