Poles and Hungarians and their place in Europe

Because of numerous refugees who nowadays want to come to Europe are Hungary and Poland often a topic in the European media. Both are seen as sceptical to the acceptance of refugees in their countries. Poles and Hungarians has a lot in common in the past. Their relationship gives a number of sources for scientific researches.

Poles and Hungarians shared rulers and faith. Common was also the Revolution of 1956, which was of course more tragic on the Hungarian side. More about Hungarian-Polish relations you can read in short here. On September, 10 in the Royal Castle in Warsaw Prof. Ignác Romsics from the History Institut of the Károly Eszterházy University in Eger will talked about Our place: Central Europe and / or Eastern Europe? (Nasze miejsce: Europa Środkowa i/lub Wschodnia?).

It’s also possible that the talk will be streamed online on wszechnica.org.pl. I will make here a summary of it. So wait for it :)

The talk is one of lectures related to history, politics and culture of Poland and Hungary.

There is a round at the Royal Castle dedicated to Polish-Hungarian historical, cultural and political relationships. Most of the presentations can be viewed online (in Polish).

Author of the flag picture: SKopp.


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