Poznaj sąsiada – „Nie ma jak Lwów…”

O różnych obliczach miasta Lwowa, inteligenckim, przedsiębiorczym, kulturalnym, historycznym i pamiętającym Lwowie przeczytacie mój artykuł na portalu www.podrozystka.pl. „O życiu we Lwowie powstały piosenki (np. „Tylko we Lwowie” Szczepka i Tońki), filmy („W ciemności” A. Holland), napisano tomy wspomnień i publikacji. Wielu starszych Polaków wspomina to miasto z czułością i wielu nie chce mierzyć się z jego teraźniejszością. Nic dziwnego, bo po co niszczyć cudowny obraz żyjący we wspomnieniach. A Lwów się zmienia.” Continue reading „Poznaj sąsiada – „Nie ma jak Lwów…””

Urban Spaces of L’viv

There was a number of number of international conferences dedicated to the link of topics „Lviv: City – Society – Culture”. On May 29-31, 2014 the 12th conference took place at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and the Center for Urban History. This conference, dedicated to Lviv’s urban space in both its physical and symbolic dimensions, was precisely called „Urban Spaces of Lviv/Lwów/Lemberg: Imagination, Experiences, Practices.” Continue reading „Urban Spaces of L’viv”

The year 1914 and L’viv and Galicia

Because of the 100th anniversary of the begin of World War I there were more publications about this turning point in the history. I wrote an article about the meaning of the year 1914 for L’viv and Galicia. I also wrote about the meaning of Galicia for the states Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Russian Imperium at that time. I’ve analysed the press and the memoires.

Continue reading „The year 1914 and L’viv and Galicia”

Jabłonowski as a military symbol of the region and his meaning for L’viv

Commemoration of cities’ and villages’ founders is a very important part of the local identity. On July, 12 (2012) Kosmach (near to Ivano-Frankivsk, former Slanislawow) celebrated the anniversary of the establishment of the village Kosmach . On this occasion a conference was held. I was invited to give a speech and write an essay on Jabłonowski as a military symbol of the region and his meaning for the region. Continue reading „Jabłonowski as a military symbol of the region and his meaning for L’viv”

Monuments as a medium of remembrance

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity established in Warsaw supports since 2011 researches on genealogies of memory in Central and Eastern Europe. It’s first conference was dedicated to theories and methods. I gave there a paper on „Monuments and memory constructs in L’viv between 1867 and 1939”. The programme of the conference you can download here. Continue reading „Monuments as a medium of remembrance”

TU Chemnitz, Fluctuating memory

Fluctuating memory

Collective, individual, cultural or communicative memory are very well known in the science. But what is fluctuating or ambiguous memory? I came to this conclusion in regard to my analyse of monuments in L’viv between 1867 and 1939. „Ambiguous memory” means that the memory on one person or event is differential for different society groups and even individuals. Continue reading „Fluctuating memory”